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Brett G

Justine & Jon Huddleston’s Wedding

I had a great time shooting Jon and Justine’s wedding on April 14th, 2013. First I went to Justine’s house to film some of the prep. I then headed to the Nylo Hotel in Plano to get some shots of the guys.

The wedding was held at the McKinney Cotton Mill, a very cool refurbished building.

This was my first wedding to film and I think it turned out nice. Jillian and James Zamora were the photographers (). They did a great job and also helped me out quite a bit! Check out their site.

Enjoy the video

Davis Building (Animation)


Sky in Collin County

Plano Neighborhood

“Borders” Sculptures in Downtown Dallas

Found just outside of the Meyerson in Dallas.

Also I happened to have taken this shot during July of last year in Seattle of the same exhibit:

Arbor Hills Pond March 21st, 2013

Fort Worth March 20th, 2013

Downtown Plano, Tx March 15th, 2013

Plano, Tx

Allen, Tx March 15, 2013

Old Stone Damn (Allen, Tx)

Allen Station Park

Railroad in Allen Station Park

Railroad Bridge in Allen Station Park